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Sacramento + Roseville Estate Planning Accountant

库克注册og体育事务所的账目可以帮助你进行所有的遗产规划. Serving Roseville and Sacramento, California.

Estate planning on your own can be complicated and costly. 可能影响你计划目标的潜在问题清单似乎无穷无尽.  State taxes, bureaucracy, probate courts, unfair appraisals, health care concerns, eligibility of heirs, life insurance, IRA’s, 401K’s, annuities, burial or cremation costs, 关于延缓死亡治疗的意图只是遗产规划中涉及到的关注和考虑的一小部分. 然而,制定一个遗产计划来保护你的利益和目标通常是必要的. Unfortunately, 当你对自己的法律和财务权利有疑问时,尝试单干最终会让你付出更多. 潜在客户提出的常见问题包括:继承人会不会太年轻而无法继承遗产? Should the inheritance be given at a certain age? 如果一个人的婚姻摇摇欲坠,有离婚的可能,那么为他提供福利是一个好主意吗? How will children from a previous marriage affect or complicate my plan? Should inheritance be protected from potential creditors of the heir? Are there taxes that can be avoided or legally minimized? Are you able to avoid the probate court rules, delays, and costs? 库克注册og体育集团的注册og体育和会计专业人员可以帮助你解决这些问题和你可能有的任何其他问题.

What Does Estate Planning Entail?

遗产规划包括制定保护你的资产的策略, distributing them according to your wishes, and otherwise providing for your family. 一份精心制定的遗产计划可以帮助你完成许多遗产规划目标, such as the following:
  • 按照你的意愿,安排有序地转让你的财产.
  • 尽量减少你的遗产税,最大化你的受益人的继承权.
  • Provide for the special needs of family members.
  • Ensure the continued operation of a family business.
  • Appoint a guardian for minor children.
  • 确保有足够的现金支付必要的税收和行政费用.
  • Bypass probate administration for your estate.
如果没有合格的帮助,规划你的遗产在你去世后会发生什么似乎令人沮丧和害怕. You may feel that you’re too young to care about estate planning. 你可能会想把整件事推迟,以为事情会自行解决. 在任何情况下,遗产规划最终都为你的家人节省了大量的时间、痛苦和金钱. estate planning roseville

Do I Need a Will?

Every estate planning situation is different. In order to help you, we want to know you, your unique situation, and the nature of your relationships. However, many estate plans do include a will. In fact, when an estate plan includes a will, the will is often the most important aspect of the plan. 写遗嘱可以保护你的家人,确保你的愿望得以实现. Anyone of legal age with any property should have a will. If you die without a will, or what is known as intestate, 你的遗产将根据加州法律分配,并由法院指定的人管理. In addition, the court will decide who will care for your minor children. 死时无遗嘱也会增加继承人的税收负担,并引起家庭纠纷. A will enables you to distribute your property as you wish, including personal property of sentimental value. A will can also allow you to:
  • Provide for future management of investments or a family business.
  • Designate guardians for your minor children.
  • Select the person you want to distribute your estate.
  • 在清算你的遗产时尽量减少税收和管理费用.
  • Provide for special desires, such as charitable contributions.

What Other Planning or Devices Can Protect my Family?

人寿保险是一种重要的遗产规划工具,因为它能立即为幸存者提供现金. Since proceeds are readily available, 人寿保险可以保护你的家庭免于被迫变卖你的一些其他资产来支付生活费用. 人寿保险还可以帮助遗属偿还债务,包括遗产税. Generally, 保险收益直接流向受益人,不需要通过遗嘱认证程序. 赠与税也是减少遗产及相关税金的传统方式. 你被允许每年获得免税的年度免税礼品,金额不超过12美元,000 per recipient or up to $24,000 with your spouse’s consent. 超过排除金额的赠与将对终身统一信用和赠与及遗产税产生影响. 提醒:只有当前利益的礼物才有资格获得年度豁免. 目前利益的赠与是受赠人可以立即获得的礼物.

What Is Probate?

遗嘱认证是识别和分配你的遗嘱认证资产(任何在你的遗产中没有自动转移或信托的资产)给适当的受益人的法律程序. If you have a will, 这一过程包括证明遗嘱是有效的,并确保按照遗嘱的规定分配资产. Otherwise, 遗嘱检验法庭将根据你所在州的无遗嘱法监督你的财产分配. 遗嘱认证过程是一个公开记录的问题,可能是昂贵和耗时的. 有许多遗产规划策略可以让你避免或绕过遗嘱认证过程. 这些策略通常包括通过共同所有权转移你的资产, trusts, or gifts while you are alive, instead of through a will. Although avoiding probate may be beneficial in terms of time, money and privacy, bypassing probate does not eliminate or reduce estate taxes. tax group

How Long Does Settlement Take?

An estate not subject to probate may be settled relatively quickly. 相反,遗嘱认证的遗产需要时间来解决,因为涉及到很多变量. 例如,必须允许债权人有机会提出任何索赔. A simple estate may take three months to a year to settle; a complicated estate two to three years or more. However, in special circumstances, 在结算过程中,你的财产可以作初步分配. 请注意,一个复杂的遗产通常会有一个漫长的解决过程.

Work with Roseville Estate Planners to Protect Your Goals and Wealth

At the Cook CPA Group, 我们的金融专业人士可以通过以下步骤帮助您制定一个定制的遗产计划:
  • Clearly define your estate planning goals.
  • 如果你需要的话,组建你的遗产规划团队(法律、金融和税收方面的专家).
  • Evaluate and recommend estate planning options.
  • Prepare, organize and review your estate planning documents including current wills, trusts, health care and power of attorney.
  • Minimize the problems and expenses associated with probate.
  • Minimize estate and other taxes due.
  • Arrange for management of your estate in the event you are incapacitated.
  • 起草一份工作计划,在你死后保存和有效管理你的遗产.
  • Transfer the assets of your estate to heirs the way you want.
  • 组织公平和充分的清算遗产,以支付税收和其他费用.
  • Amend your plan as needed.
库克注册og体育集团的税务和财务专业人员致力于提供健全的, strategic advice in all estate planning matters.